Florida Neighborhoods Dealing With TONS Of Alligators And Snakes In The Flooded Aftermath Of Hurricane Ian


As we all know, Hurricane Ian gave southeastern Florida quite a beatdown last week, making landfall just under Category 5, with wind speeds at 155 mph, just 2 mph below the Cat 5 threshold.

Fort Myers and the surrounding islands are destroyed, with thousands of residents having been rescued from what was left of their homes and almost every building and house destroyed. The devastation is enormous and the situation seems to only be getting worse.

Reports are coming out that the many creatures of Florida’s crazy wildlife are taking refuge inside uninhabitable homes and flooded streets, making rescue and recovery efforts even more dangerous.

William Briscoe, Fire Chief of Sanibel, one of the islands just off the coast, spoke about this to CNN.

“There are a lot of places that are not livable. There are places off their foundation, and it’s very dangerous out there. There are alligators running around, and there are snakes all over the place.”

The destruction is horrid enough, now these poor people have to not only worry about putting their lives back together but not being eaten by a gator or bitten by a venomous snake? Awful.

We’d already seen videos of sharks swimming in the streets, now some new ones are making their way online.

Life this gator in a suburban neighborhood.

No rest for the weary down in Florida…

Stay safe down there, everyone.

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