Padres Fan Goes Rolling Down Stands After Getting Clocked In The Face At Petco Park

Petco Park fight

Imagine pulling out your phone to record a world class mariachi band performing in the middle of a baseball game, when all of a sudden two fans begin to throw windmill punches a few rows over from you?

That’s exactly what happened at the San Diego Padres vs. Chicago White Sox game yesterday at Petco Park in San Diego, and things got ugly QUICK.

Now I’ll admit, this wasn’t much of a fight…

It was over as soon as it began, as one fan got up from his seat and delivered a BRUTAL haymaker to another fan’s face, knocking him borderline unconscious, and he started rolling down the steps from the top of the nosebleed section.

You can see fans quickly scatter in an effort to give the brawlers some space, and so, you know, they don’t get knocked unconscious either.

This is a nightmare right here.

The guy nearly punched the other so hard, that he could’ve easily fell down and fallen over the railing.

There’s no word on how the fight got started, or if the guy who fell down the steps had it coming to him or not, but I’d bet my money that he immediately regretted the situation once he saw that fist rear back in his direction.

I’m not sure what’s going on over there at Petco, but this is the second fight to happen in less than a week at a Padres game.

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