Little Big Town Brings Miranda Lambert To Tears With “The House That Built Me” Performance At ACM Honors

Little Big Town country music

Maybe I’m feeling a little sentimental and homesick that I just moved out of my first big girl apartment but “The House That Built Me” has been on repeat today for me.

The 2010 hit from Miranda Lambert is a classic.

I was playing it today when the next video suggestion was from Little Big Town. I glanced at the screen as I was unpacking and getting settled and thought, ‘okay, great, probably about to hear “Pontoon”‘

Then the intro for “The House That Built Me.”

I was dialed in now. The intro starts, and Karen Fairchild, softly but also with intention, lets the first line rip.

One thing I love about this song is that it doesn’t match the rough and tough music that Miranda Lambert was putting out at the time. It exposed her soft side and lets the words sink in with the soft instrumental.

Little Big Town captures that effortlessly and adds in some kickass harmonies that give the tune a new dynamic sound.

They started out the song strong and kept that energy through the duration, singing with so much emotion into each word.

When the song is over, they pan to Lambert, and she is wiping away tears.

There is no better group to have honored Lambert by covering her song. Their relationship is so great from their tours together, making the cover even more powerful.

No matter what phase of life, “The House That Built Me” will always be a favorite.

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