Clueless Tourist Walks Right In Front Of Bedding Bull Elk And Nearly Pays The Price

Elk Colorado

If you know anything about Estes Park, Colorado, you know the place is PACKED with elk.

And where there are tons of elk in close proximity with people, you get videos like this.

It seems like every time I go on the internet, there’s a new video of someone nearly meeting their maker and it is completely their own fault each time it happens.

The idea of approaching an animal like a bull elk just seems crazy to me. An average one weighs 700-pounds and has antlers that can be up to 4-feet long with multiple points.

That’s not an animal that I would want to risk having to fight off.

Now to make it worse, they are also catching one with his harem of cows, in the rutting season, where he is already more aggressive than usual. He’s got one thing on his mind and that’s mating, and he’ll put the antlers to anyone who appears to be a threat to that.

These folks are seen in Estes Park, walking by a group of bedding elk, passing only a few feet in front of a mature bull.


The group makes it by fine, not seeming to want to bother the elk at all, but then there’s a straggler coming behind who isn’t paying attention to anything. You almost get the sense that he didn’t even see the bull, but at this point, the bull has had enough of the interruptions and decides to act.

He stands up and charges at the man, who experiences true fear as he runs for his life.

They all make it out alive, but clearly left their dignity and brains elsewhere.

Let’s all learn from these videos and avoid these situations, eh?

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