A Mountain Lion In Heat Might Be The Most Terrifying Sound In The Woods

Mountain Lion scream

Hunting is a great way to provide food for you and your family, participate in the conversation of our beautiful natural resources, and if nothing else spend some time in the great outdoors.

And from time to time, it’s also a great way to crap your pants in the woods.

Back in 2016, a hunter shared this video… and if you don’t think nature can be terrifying, you haven’t been in it enough.

Is that pack a rabid, flesh-eating zombies?

Are those the cries of a witch being burned at the stake, unleashing her curse upon the masses?

Is it the sound of a demon being exorcised from the body of a small child and thrown into the Lake of Fire?

No, it’s a mountain lion in heat…

Can you imagine hearing that in the woods? You’re on a little camping trip with your friends, the fire is starting to die down, you retire to your tents, and just as your eyes start to close, you start hearing these demons worshipping Satan in the woods.

Trip’s over, man…

Then again, hearing her is better than seeing her, or worse…. her following you on the trail for nearly 10 minutes.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock