A Hair Pullin, Face Kickin’ Brawl Breaks Out In The Ladies Room At The Dallas Cowboys Game

Cowboys girl fight

What’s the second best thing to a dad brawl?

An all out chick brawl.

We’ve seen an insane amount of fights already this NFL season, and we’re only four games in.

I don’t know what stadiums are putting in their water, or alcohol, nowadays… or maybe fans are still just trying to figure out how to act like civilized human beings after they weren’t allowed to attend games in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maybe it’s a product of the “I gotta film everything generation,” but who the hell knows. All I know is that, fans have been dropping the gloves with each other left and right over the past couple of seasons, and it is WILD.

This one came from the Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Commanders game yesterday, straight from the women’s restroom.

Now I’m not sure how this thing got started, considering it was between all Cowboys fans. The ‘Boys won 25-10 over their longtime NFC East foe, so they couldn’t have been sad at the game.

Most of these chick fights that’ve circulated on the internet have been pretty low quality, but this one is pretty freakin’ crazy.

You get the normal hair pulling at the beginning, until one woman yells out:

“Get the f*ck off of her!”

And proceeds to kick the other girl multiple times in the face, until the group quickly moves on to the corner of the restroom, and they start wrestling.

I’m pretty convinced that the girl in the blue tank top had zero dawgs in this fight and just felt like swingin’, because she picks a bone with just about everybody that was involved.

Crazy, man.

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Dallas Cowboys Fan Celebrates Win Over The Bengals By Riding A Horse Into Walmart

As a Dallas Cowboys fan since birth in 1998, all I’ve known is pain and suffering.

Every year, it’s the same story.

They have a ton of talent, and are predicted to win the division and make it deep in the playoffs, with the possibility of winning that illusive Super Bowl title.

And of course, that always results in severed hopes and dreams year after year, as the ‘Boys always find a way to turn their talent into a mid to below average season, either not making the playoffs or losing in the first round.

With that being said, us Cowboys fans are ecstatic when we pull out a big win… And some, well, they take it to the extreme.

Last night, Dallas defeated Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals 20-17, which was incredibly unprecedented, considering their horrible performance against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week with an offensive performance equivalent to watching paint dry.

Not to mention, starting quarterback Dak Prescott went down with a tough finger injury that required surgery and will have him sidelined for a few weeks, so backup Cooper Rush had to make only his second ever career start.

Yeah… all us realist Cowboys fans thought we were about to get obliterated in this one.

However, Rush was efficient, and the defense held that insanely good Bengals offense to only 17 points.

We were all excited and celebrated in our own ways, but this guy took it to the next level.

He decided to celebrate by strolling into a Walmart on a horse, reppin’ a cowboy hat and a Dak Prescott jersey.

I just have to know, how does a person successfully get a horse inside of Walmart? Not to mention, all security did was follow behind the guy on the horse and film it, but who can blame ’em. How in the hell are they supposed to stop a horse?


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Frat Boy Brawl Broke Out During The Kentucky-Ole Miss Game

Sheesh, first time drinking alcohol?

Ole Miss squared off against Kentucky today in a top 15 matchup that came down to the wire, with Ole Miss ultimately winning 22-19.

It was a defensive slugfest for the majority of the game, but the play on the field wasn’t the only slugfest going on in Oxford, Mississippi…

Because it appears that a bunch of frat pledges had a full on anarchy against another frat at some point during the game.

A video has gone viral of a ton of frat guys having a free for all towards the top of the stadium, full of windmill punches and a lot of:


The fight allegedly occurred because of some bad blood between pledges and a rival fraternity at Ole Miss, but who the hell knows.

One of the pledges might’ve slept with some dude’s sister from the other frat, or at least that’s my educated guess.

Regardless of what the reasoning was, it’s pretty sad to see something like this happen among the fans, considering the Rebels got their biggest win of the year thus far against the number seven ranked Kentucky Wildcats.

Also, all the coats and ties in the melee just scream:


10/10 entertainment, nevertheless.

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A beer bottle on a dock