Red Fox Recorded Catching Fish For The First Time Ever

Red fox

It’s not every day we all see something for the very first time.

There’s lots of videos out there of animal attacks, predators hunting and other wild encounters.

But, to see something that is truly being documented for the first time is special thing.

The idea of canine species fishing was a far out thought, until recently. Thanks to well-placed trail cameras, we saw wolves fishing for the first time in Minnesota.

Now, we can see their smaller relative, the fox, do the same.

The red fox is a fairly small predator, weighing between 7 and 15-pounds on average. They love to eat mice, rats, rabbits and any small mammal they can get their teeth into.

Fish however, don’t normally fall into these categories.

It has been known that they would occasionally eat fish, but not known if they had caught them or found the fish. It was suspected that they were more likely to stumble upon dead fish, than hunt their own.

However, as Field & Stream reports, this is the first documented occurrence of a red fox actually fishing.

Researchers actually observed this one fox catching 10 carp over a few hours. They got a video of it catching 2 in just a few minutes.

The fox sneakily approaches the water like any hunt that it is on. As it gets close to the edge and sees a fish move it pounces and grabs ahold of the carp dragging the thing out of the water.

The fox caches the fish and goes back to the water to catch more.

It seems like this fox is eating good while fishing.

Just the wild being wild and always impressing.

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