NFL Fans Are Loving Miles Teller’s Peyton Manning Impression On Saturday Night Live

Miles Teller SNL

I’m a HUGE Peyton and Eli fan.

If it were up to me, the ManningCast would take over the lead broadcast on Monday Night Football, and Joe Buck’s ass can move over to ESPN 2… or off the air all together.

Even my wife gets excited to watch the ManningCast when she used to say every Monday (in the whiniest voice possible), “do we have to watch football tonight?”

Yep, Peyton and Eli are a hit, and even Saturday Night Live is on board.

Miles Teller was handed the hosting duties during last night’s episode of SNL, and he pulled out his best Peyton Manning impression during the cold open.

And he KILLED it.

The accent, the mannerisms, even the look weirdly… I can’t remember the last time I thought an SNL sketch was funny, but this was GREAT.

And maybe they’re a little more self-aware this season as Peyton’s commentary was essentially making fun of the show:

“Oh, good. Trump sketch… way to mix it up!”

John Hamm also made an appearance calling the show “not comedy.”

And NFL fans were loving it.

And the ladies were getting some “Hot Peyton” vibes from Teller as well:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock