Brawl Breaks Out At Arizona Alan Jackson Concert After Guy Punches An Old Man

Alan Jackson country music

We all know and love Alan Jackson as arguably the greatest country artists in not only the ’90s, but country music history.

However, as great as AJ is, he doesn’t exactly put out ass whoopin’ music, and one of his concerts would be the last places I’d expect to see a fight break out.

Who in their right minds would even think about doing something that could possibly result in them missing a whole Alan Jackson concert anyways?

Especially since his health probably has him near the end of his touring career… you’re a special kind of stupid to be fighting when the great Alan Jackson is on stage.

But when the BAC is up a little bit, stupidity is bound to be on display.

A grandpa and a dude who looks much younger than him got into a full on brawl at an AJ concert in Glendale, Arizona, here recently, all while Alan was singing “Where I Come From.”

There’s no telling what exactly started the fight, but it looks like the old guy told the younger guy something that really hurt his feelings, because he walked right up and delivered a punch to the face.

Granpda was stunned with the blow, and the bug fella, came to drop a few more for good measure.

That’s when a bunch of others jump in, and one woman starts beating the younger the guy over the head with a beer can.

The younger guy’s girl finally convinces him to leave, but it appears the old guy wanted some more, as he followed him to the stairs and attempted to keep the fight going.

The couple finally leaves, and judging by everybody else’s reaction in the crowd, it appears the younger guy had it coming for him.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock