The Northern Lights Above A Nighttime Wildfire In Jasper National Park Is A True Thing Of Beauty

Nothern lights

This is absolutely incredible.

Anyone was who has witnessed the northern lights alone will say the same.

The lights show themselves in the great north, they’re also known as Aurora borealis. The different bright colors seemingly dance through the night sky creating a natural show that is captivating.

These lights are caused by collisions between gaseous particles in the atmosphere to create one of the most natural beauties out there.

The Northern Lights is a spectacle to be seen. The only other thing that can capture the attention of outdoors goers is a fire.

Typically, we think of a campfire as a thing of beauty, which it is. But, so are wildfires. As terrifying as they can be with the mass amounts of land burnt and threat to humans, they are incredibly beautiful in their own way.

I mean, we can sit and stare at a campfire for hours, so you definitely can with a wildfire, you just will be a bit more on edge.

These two natural occurrences are always thought of as being a singular event. What happens when they collide together?

Beauty beyond imagination is what happens.

As this wildfire rages through the night, lighting up the sky and forest, burning everything in its path, the northern lights elegantly dance above the terror.

Something so violent, unforgiving and dangerous mixed with the calmness and bliss of the lights is a sight to see.

This time-lapse is truly once-in-a-lifetime.

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