House Literally Gets Swept Off Foundation Due To Hurricane Ian

House hurricane ian

We’ve all seen the catastrophic damage following a massive hurricane.

You know, footage of debris scattered everywhere, and houses washed out into the middle of the street once it’s safe for helicopters to fly over after the worst of the storm has passed through.

It’s been announced that hundreds are already feared to be dead, with more sure to follow… just absolutely devastating for the people of Florida.

However, I will say this is the first time I’ve ever seen something quite like this.

Since Hurricane Ian touched down in Florida yesterday, we’ve seen sharks swimming in the middle of the road, The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore nearly get struck by lightning, while also getting smacked by a rogue tree limb due to high winds, and also guys in cowboy hats rescuing an elderly man trapped in his car due to the high flood levels.

In today’s day and age in social media, we get to experience stuff like this like never before, and it truly puts things into perspective how difficult these next few days will be for Floridians.

With that being said, another video has surfaced of the wild damage the hurricane has already done, and it’s of a literal house being swept away from its foundation in Naples, Florida.

The video really shows how high the flood levels have gotten, as you can only see the roof of the house being swept away, with the rest of it being completely submerged underwater.

Wild stuff:

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A beer bottle on a dock