Guys In Cowboy Hats Rescue Elderly Man Trapped In His Car In The Middle Of Hurricane Ian

Hurrican ian resuce

Not all heroes wear capes… some  wear cowboy hats.

I can’t imagine the horrors that are going on in Florida right now, as the category four Hurricane Ian officially hit land yesterday.

We’ve seen videos of sharks swimming in the middle of streets, and Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel nearly get struck by lightning, while also get hit by a flying limb from a tree due to the insanely high winds.

Although tons of Floridians have evacuated the state, there have been a number of others who have decided to stick it out and weather the storm.

Of course, when you have insanely high winds and rainfall of biblical proportions, things can get bad really quick, before you even have a chance to react.

That’s what appears to have happened to this guy, as he found himself trapped in his vehicle with water levels nearly completely overtaking his car in Bonita Springs, Florida.

You can imagine that the man felt like he was done for, but luckily enough four guys made their way to the vehicle, got him out, and escorted him back to safety.

As you could imagine, the guy appears to be pretty shaken up, but these four saints saved the guy’s life.

The four dudes, reppin’ cowboy hats, call themselves the “Collier County Cowboys.”

Judging by their Instagram, they appear to be just four guys that decided to stay back in Bonita Springs and take on the hurricane.

The guys probably never expected to save a guy’s life, but sure enough, they did.

Check it out:

Doin’ the Lord’s work:

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