Fisherman Spends Nearly 5 Hours Reeling In Thresher Shark…That Was Absolutely Mutilated By A Giant Squid

Shark fisherman

If you spend enough time in the wilderness, weather it’s in the mountains, the woods, at sea, etc… you’re bound to see some crazy stuff.

Whether its an animal charge, dive bombing birds, or a big fish that meets an even bigger fish.

Generally, you think of sharks at the top of the food chain, but apparently, they have no shortage of their own worries in the depths of sea.

These Australian fishermen fueled up the boat and hit the ocean for a day of swordfish fishing.

One of the fishermen hooking into something massive. He starts reeling, and reeling and reeling… hours of reeling:

“What has it been 3 hours? And we’re not that much closer. This is insane”

The mans reel still has loads of line out.

Catching an absolute beast and getting in a gnarly workout, seems like win-win to me, really.

The fight goes on and on for what ended up being over 4 and half hours, and you can finally, you can start to see the fish or whatever it is through the water. As it gets closer the fishermen are increasingly confused the whole time. Even after it surfaces its easy to tell they are baffled by what it is.

Then they decide it is their target species and get ready to gaff it and pull it up on deck. As it gets it they start to grab it and realize it is missing a third of its body. Yup, something else ate the shark that is huge.

I would love to see whatever ate it, from a far, far distance of course.

The shark almost looks like a cartoon fish with the head and tail and only bones for the body…. just nuts. I mean, imagine reeling for 4.5 hours only to reel in a dead, half eaten fish…. seems like it might be minorly disappointing.

What could’ve done this?

The obvious answer is a much larger shark, but judging by the comments, you’ll never guess what did this kind of damage… a giant squid.

A number of  fishermen and seafaring lads chimed in with comments about how they’ve seen this before and it’s the patented sign of a giant squid attack.

Either way this made for a wild video…

The ocean is a crazy place where here is always something larger trying to find a meal.

As our fisherman put it:

“He’s proper legend of the deep, well… he was a legend of the deep and now he’s just food for another shark. It’s a pretty tough world out here.

This might be the most epic thing I’ve ever seen off shore.”

Epic, indeed.

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A beer bottle on a dock