Vince Gill & Chris Stapleton Need To Record Their Unreleased Song “You Don’t Wanna Love A Man Like Me” ASAP

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God, this video made me think about how many breathtaking songs Vince Gill has written and will forever stay in his vault.

A few weeks ago, Chris Stapleton was honored among others at ACM Honors, which was previously recorded earlier this year.

Even though the night was filled with star-studded performers, Vince Gill took the stage to honor his friend and collaborator, Chris Stapleton.

Including one that never got cut, but after hearing it, I wish it did.

“I’m gonna sing a song that Chris (Stapleton) and I wrote. It’s the first song that we ever sang together and wrote together. 

Neither one of us has cut it…so you’ve never heard it.” 

Gill says with a chuckle as he introduces, “You Don’t Wanna Love A Man Like Me.”

“The truth is neither one of us know it very good, so no matter how I do, we’re good.” 

Pan to Chris Stapleton sitting in the audience, chuckling along with Gill.

The simplicity of Gill, a guitar, and a microphone really let the lyrics shine at the forefront. Not the mention his voice is powerful, yet soothing, at the same time.

It talks about loving someone so much but knowing that you are not good for them and coming to the conclusion it’s time to step away so they can find someone they deserve.

The lyric: “You don’t wanna love a man like me/ even though you know I want you to” cuts like a knife.

Hoping and wishing this song sees the studio one day. Can we start a petition to get Vince and Chris in the studio?

Take a listen yourself… and maybe have a good cry with it, depending on what you’re going through.

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