‘The Voice’ Contestant Delivers Impressive Rendition Of Travis Tritt’s “Anymore”

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When you think of ’90s country love songs, there are so many that come to mind, it’s hard to count.

Not only was it a decade known for songs about letting the hair grow out, trucker hats, ripping off the sleeves of your favorite flannel, and pounding Bud diesel and line dancing at the local honky tonk like there’s tomorrow, it was also known for its incredible love ballads.

And one of the ’90s country love ballads that always immediately comes to mind?

“Anymore” by Travis Tritt, off his iconic 1991 It’s All About to Change album.

Co-written alongside Jill Colucci, who also wrote “I’m Gonna Be Somebody,” it as Tritt’s second single from the album, and follow up to another heartbreak ballad, “Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares).”

With that being said, on country artist in The Voice blind auditions put together a fantastic rendition of Tritt’s incredible song.

Let me introduce you to Tanner Fussell, who appears to be devoted to keeping that traditional ’90s country sound alive and well.

From the long hair, pearl snap shirt, belt buckle, and cowboy boots, along with his gritty country voice, watching the audition felt like we’d taken a ride on Doc’s DeLorean turned time machine from Back to the Future, straight to the year 1991.

Blake Shelton was the only chair to turn, and he praised Fussell’s hair, reminiscing on his mullet days back in the day.

Of course, considering Fussell’s style, Shelton was probably a lock for his coach pick anyways.

Check it out:

And the original:

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