HARDY Teases New Song “Jack,” & Fans Are Waiting For It To Drop… On A Rock Album?

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Come on, Hardy… stop teasin’ us.

Yesterday on his social media, Hardy released a video reel that captured some of the highlights of his shows over the summer. But what has fans talking is the song in the background, an unreleased track he calls “Jack.”

He began leaking the song at shows throughout the summer, beginning at Country Fest Ohio, and fans have been begging him to drop it ever since. The song builds in much the same way as Hardy’s rock release track, “Sold Out,” with a calmer intro and more of a head-banger-style rock ending, but the content of the song is all country, featuring Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey as the leading character.

An homage to a little liquid courage, the song’s verses remind the listener that they can do just about anything from asking out a girl in a crowded bar to becoming famous, as long as they stick with Jack.

Check out the chorus:

Don’t listen to mama,
Hell, I ain’t the devil,
Ditch me if you wanna,
But if you need a little,
I can fix your problems,
Always got your back,
I can make you famous,
By the way my name is Jack.

This song is basically everything we have come to love and expect from original Hardy songwriting.

But fans are hyped up about his use of the song in his recent social media video, many have even suspected that this could mean a release very soon. Others suspect that the song’s sound could lend itself to the idea that HARDY is well on his way to making a rock album.

Either way this song goes way too hard for him to keep teasin’ us with it.

Drop the track, drop the album… just drop it already.

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