Fox Weatherman Bryan Norcross Breaks The Internet Drawing “Hurricane Ian’s D*ck” On Live TV

Hurricane Ian

Bryan Norcross is a meteorologist, most known for his coverage of hurricanes, including the coverage of Hurricane Andrew some 30 years ago.

And this week, Norcross is having to weather a new kind of storm.  

On Sunday, Norcross was a guest on Fox Weather for a live broadcast discussing Hurricane Ian’s path and its potential consequences, when he made an unfortunate visual representation. The cone-shaped line he drew down the spine of central Florida resembled what some people saw as a phallic-shaped drawing. 

The well-known presenter referring to the incoming storm’s path:

“That’s daunting.”

A hurricane dick? Daunting indeed…

It caused quite the stir on social media with many calling him out, including radio host Nicole Sandler, who tweeted:

“Bryan Norcross was the weather guy who got us through Hurricane Andrew 30 years ago. Now with Fox weather, he’s drawing Ian d*** on the tv.” 

Another Twitter user made a compilation of Norcross commentary and visual representations and captioned his post saying:

“This guy has been doing this ALL DAY LONG”

The commentary made by the reporter was continuously taken out of context throughout the day:

 “Look at this! What you think you see are all kind of tracks here over Florida.” 

A commenter on Twitter put in frankly:  

“Bryan Norcross let everyone know Hurricane Ian is screwing Florida.” 

Now back to you, Dick. 

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