Family Dares Man To Try And Pet Massive Bull Elk… Doesn’t Go Well


You can’t fix stupid…

What in the world would make a person think it’s a good idea to go up to and pet an animal like bull elk? They have massive pointy antlers that could end your life quickly and painfully.

On top of the fact that bulls weigh an average mature weight of 700-pounds. Having an animal that big charge you will certainly make you shit your pants.

They are just not an animal to mess with.

These tourists seemed to believe they were at the roadside petting zoo though, like many before them.

A man is seen approaching a big ol’ boy of an elk as his family encourages him to try and pet it.

Great, the family support is appreciated. It would make them all feel just awesome if the lad got run over.

The bull elk lays there until the man walks in front of him and lets him know he’s right there. All at once the elk stands up and lets out a bugle sending the man sprinting away.

Seems like a smart idea. Let’s bug this elk until it decides it is annoyed.

Be smarter people…

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