Black Bear Absolutely Ransacks Range Rover In California: “A Bear Ate My Car… The Worst Part Is The Smell”

Bear range rover

Imagine being awoken by strange noises coming from your Range Rover after enjoying a Bachelorette night with your friends, and finding out that a bear spent the last 7 hours… eating your SUV.

Vicky Constantini, a Bay Area woman, left her car unlocked in the driveway of her vacation house while enjoying a weekend getaway with friends in the Gold Country community of Arnaud, in Calaveras County, California.

When she heard her car honking at 4:30 am on Saturday, September 12th, she went to investigate.

She and her friends used the key fob to open the hatch. The video posted on her TikTok account shows the bear inside her white Range Rover, climbing over the backseat, escaping through the open back door, and running into the woods:

@vickycostantini1 The peep has been identified! Mugshot and wanted posters! #bearbreakin #bear #rangerover #arnoldca ♬ Bad Boys (Theme From Cops) – Inner Circle

In an interview with Fox, she describes the moment:

“ I was in disbelief. I was completely stunned. This is my… this was my Range Rover”

She continued:

“It ripped apart the dash. It was trying to get through the car. Every single door panel is destroyed. Every single seat is ripped. But the worst part was the smell.”

Costantini says that her insurance company barely believed her. Thankfully she had enough footage to prove the incident. The car was totaled, but fortunately, no one was hurt, and now she’s currently driving a rental while looking for a new vehicle.

The woman affirms that she will not leave her doors unlocked again.

Gee, ya think?

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