Pennsylvania Hunter Taps Confused Buck’s Head With His Arrow In Bizarre Close Encounter

deer hunting

Now, that’s not something many people will ever be able to say happened to them.

White-tailed deer are usually very weary of humans. Mature bucks are especially scared of us, and if they live into their later years, they’ve probably been pretty good about avoiding humans.

The only thing that really allows a hunter to get close to a nice buck is when they are in the rut.

I mean, the poor lads only have once a year to get some tail, and like most college guys, they have a one track mind. They are bound to not be fully thinking with their brain during the period.

And if it’s not the rut causing them to come within any distance of you knowingly, there has to be something wrong with them. Either they’ve been exposed to too much human interaction, or have a health condition.

This Pennsylvania bow hunter experienced a nice 8-point buck during both of these periods and had a strange interaction not many people with a bow in their hands have had.

As this hunter is walking into his stand to hunt, the buck runs right up to him even as he talks to it and tells it to leave.

The deer doesn’t take the hint…

The buck stops right in front of the man and looks in the other direction. The hunter then pokes the deer in the side of the neck with his broadhead.

He then taps the arrowhead off of the buck’s antlers and it just stands there and stares.

This is either dumbest, drunkest, or friendliest deer on planet Earth, and lucky for him, this hunter is looking for more of a challenge.

As the hunter explains, you can notice a swelled-up spot above the deer eye. Probably a wound from a fight and that’s the possible cause of its strange behavior.

Concussion? Can deer get a concussion? This fella definitely looks like he got his bell rung and didn’t even know where he was.

Eventually, the buck takes off like a bullet as if he was frightened by the hunter the whole time.

That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience if I’ve ever seen it.

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