Man Tries To Be Buddies With A Bear On The Side Of The Road, And It Almost Doesn’t End Well

Bear charge

You would think it’s a widely known concept that people should stay as far away as possible from any type of bear.

I feel like everybody on this planet has been taught from a very young age, that if you do something to make a bear feel threatened, they can outrun you and tear you apart limb by limb, and that’s just something you would think nobody wants to go through.

But nah, you’ve got a ton of bozos out there that like to get courageous, and for this one guy, things almost ended REALLY bad.

Like, death, bad.

In this video, you see a man walk up on a bear that’s walking through a ditch on the side of a road.

He begins to call out to it and whistle at it, saying:

“Hey buddy!”

No, it’s not your buddy…

Once the bear notices him, it proceeds to quickly charge at the guy, causing him to run back a few feet.

You would think this would be enough for him to want to slowly get to his car and leave, but that wouldn’t do much for him anyways, considering bears can run up to two times faster than us humans can.

In fact, running away can trigger a chase response and then you’re a dead man.

He stays in the middle of the road, a few yards away from the bear, and they have an intense standoff as the guy just laughs the whole time.

Nah, man. You could’ve been dead…

Take notes people… this is what you DON’T do.

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