Man Sneaks Up On Coyote Sleeping In A Corn Field And Scares The Crap Out Of It

Coyote outdoors

The poor lad was just having a snooze.

I’m sure this is what nightmares are made of in the wild.

These animals just live each day looking for food are trying not to get caught by anything else.

Getting a peace of mind while having a sleep is probably hard for many species out there.

Predators however, especially ones on the larger end of things don’t typically have much to worry about during those periods. There just aren’t many critters looking to attack when you’re near the top of the food chain.

In many areas, that would be the case for a coyote. An animal that is pretty medium sized weighing an average of about 30-pounds, and quite fast, they really don’t have much to worry about.

Wolves, bears, mountain lions… that’s pretty much it, and coyotes are found in every state in the country (except Hawaii). The same can’t be said for the aforementioned predators.

However, there is one predator that is found in every stare… people.

This coyote was caught lackin’ in a farmer’s field.

The video shows a man walking up to the song dog that is sound asleep in between two rows of corn. As the man approaches you almost get surprised that the coyote doesn’t move at all.

Not your typically encounter… usually these things run away as fast as they can from people.

The man gets within reaching distance and starts to tickle the yote with an old corn stalk.

It still doesn’t move. So, the man decides to talk.

In a split second the coyote opens its eyes, sees what is standing over him, and shoots off fast as lightning out of there.

Talk about a wild wake up call for the ol’ dog.

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