Hailey Whitters Releases Awesome Acoustic Live Performance Video Of Current Single, “Everything She Ain’t”

Hailey Whitters country music

How can you not smile when this song comes on?

Ever since Hailey Whitters released “Everything She Ain’t” as a single from her third studio album Raised a few months ago, it’s become a quick fan-favorite, and has also blown up as a trend over on TikTok, for whatever that’s worth.

And it’s not hard to imagine why, because it has such an awesome ’90s throwback sound, and her sassy delivery and funny lyrics are impossible not to love.

A co-write with Bryan Simpson and Ryan Tyndell, Hailey says the inspiration for the song and video came from her real life experiences growing up in Iowa:

“I love the girl-next-door nature of it and it’s quirky language. The music video was directed by Harper Smith and was inspired by my old high school ‘Cow Pie High’… the city kids called it that because it was the school that all the country farm kids went to.

I actually was the homecoming queen my senior year so Harper and I thought it would be fun to muse on that for this video.”

And today, she delivered an acoustic performance of the song with her co-writers Bryan and Ryan, which is, of course, every bit as good as the studio version.

It’s always fun to get an unplugged, stripped back rendition of any good country song in its purest form, and the mandolin and acoustic guitar just sound so crisp and beautiful on this audio.

I mean, seriously… you cannot be in a bad mood when this song comes on, and Hailey nailed it once again:

The studio cut:

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