Kat Hasty Releases New Single “Burn It Down,” A Follow Up To Her Hit, “Where The Wildflowers Lay”

Kat hasty country music

Kat Hasty has done it again.

If you aren’t too familiar with Hasty yet, it’s time to get going. The up-and-coming country artist is arguably one of the most compelling up and coming vocalists and songwriters in the Texas country music scene right now, and she’s well on her way to becoming a household name across the United States.

Her gorgeous, yet also haunting vocals will have you picturing the lyrics in your head like a movie, and that’s truly the mark of a top-tier singer/songwriter.

From “Pretty Things,” “The Highway Song,” “Where the Wildflowers Lay,” “Bleed for You,” and hell, just about all of ’em, she has a phenomenal ability to connect with the listener, and has steadily been building an impressive grassroots following.

Back in December of last year, Hasty shared an acoustic teaser video of a song she was working on, and added that the song was a prequel to “Where the Wildflowers Lay,” one of her biggest hits to date.

And now, we finally have the studio version of the song, and it’s titled “Burn It Down.”

Released yesterday, the song is a fiddle-driven ballad all about retaliation, and sending a strong message to the guy who ripped her heart out.

Check it out:

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