Driver Avoids Serious Crash When Moose Nearly Jumps Clean Over The Car

Moose hits car

Moose can be a big problem for motorists.

They are just so big, weighing up to 1,500-pounds, that they can really do some damage to a vehicle.

And because they stand so tall, most vehicles will hit the right in the legs causing them to land on (or through) the windshield.

Needless to say, if you live in moose country, you want to avoid a collision at all costs.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, however, it’s rare that a driver makes it away this lucky. But then again, it’s also rare that a moose is running down the street in an urban area.

A dashcam captured this bizarre scene which appears to be somewhere in Russia, when a car starts to pull out into an intersection and you see a moose out of nowhere cut right for the car.

The car breaks hard and the moose takes a huge leap, narrowly clearing the car completely. It slides off the roof of the car and crashes down to the pavement, before picking itself back up and running off.

I mean, I’m sure there could be a few scratches from its hoofs dragging, and the moose probably came out with a scrape or bruise or two.

But with no serious injuries to the moose, and no major damage to the car… it’s a success.

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