Washington Mom Saves Her Toddler Daughter From Running To Hug A Black Bear

Bear attack

Look at that, another hero mom out there.

We recently brought you the news of a Canadian mom who was breastfeeding her child, when a bald eagle tried to swoop in and steal the family pet goose. And by steal, I mean dig those talons in and fly away with the defenseless goose for a carry-out dinner.

She ran outside topless, baby in hand, and scared the bald eagle away.

Now, the hero moms are back at it again, as a Washington woman saved her toddler from a nearby baby black bear, which was walking outside their house.

The mother, named Samantha Martin, weighed in on the scary yet heroic move:

“I was scared and started cussing like a sailor.”

In the video, you can see her young daughter, Juniper, walking to the backyard after she spotted the black bear.

She proceeds to start running towards it, yelling with excitement:

“That’s a bear!”

Martin said that after reading an animal book, bears were Juniper’s favorite animals, and she 100% had no clue that these things could basically eat her alive.

Sure enough, Martin was able to think quickly enough to run outside and scoop her daughter, and took her back into safety.

She told FOX 13 News:

“I just panicked. I didn’t really have a lot of thoughts in the moment so much as get the child and get back inside.

I didn’t know where the mom was and didn’t know how she’d feel about two humans running towards her baby.”

The bear was originally attracted to the bird-feeder, which it had ripped off and ate all of, according to Martin.

Chase Gunnell, Puget Sound Region communications manage for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, told the New York Post:

“Bird feeders can provide a real attraction for bears and other wildlife.”

He also said it was important for people to take down their birdfeeders during the springtime, which is when bears are most likely to go after them.

California Man Tackles 350-Pound Bear, Punches It In The Face To Rescue His Dog

Would you rather fist fight a bear or wrestle an alligator?

Because in the past couple weeks, that’s exactly what two dog owners had to do to save their pups.

In Florida, we saw a 74-year-old man dive into a pond after his young pup was snatched by a gator. He managed to pry the gator’s jaws open and get the pup to safety, but his hands got pretty chewed up in the process. And now, we have a California man who went toe-to-toe with a bear to rescue his pup.

According to Newsweek, a California man’s pit bull, Buddy, was playing near their home when it was attacked by a 350-pound black bear. The bear had Buddy’s head in its mouth and was trying to drag him away when the owner shot into action.

“I just ran down there, plowed into the bear, tackled it and grabbed it by the throat and started hitting it in the face and the eye until it let go.”

The bear eventually let go, and Buddy was rushed to a local animal hospital. After three-hours in surgery, Buddy is going to be ok.

However, the bear keeps coming back to the property.

When asked if he regrets it, Kaleb Bentham of Grass Valley says not a chance.

“If it was your kid, what would you do? That’s my kid, I would die for my dog.”

Man, you might be a badass, but you’ll never be “I tackled a bear and punched it in the face until it stopped eating my dog” badass. That’s some John Wick kinda sh*t right there.

Just an incredible story.

Not gonna lie though… this was first thing I thought of when I saw “man fights a bear.”

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17-Year-Old California Girl Rushes Bear, Knocks It Off Backyard Fence To Save Her Dogs


Security camera footage in California captured a harrowing moment when a 17-year-old teenager named Hailey confronted a large bear in order to save her dogs.

You can see the mama bear with her two cubs sitting on the fence when the dogs come rushing into the scene. The bear starting pawing at the barking dogs, and it could have been all over if it wasn’t for the quick thinking (and incredibly brave) teenager.

After realizing her dogs were in dangerously close proximity to the bear, she rushed in to push the bear off balance as it perched atop the backyard fence.

She was then able to get the pups out of harm’s way and safely back into the house.

The initial video gained over 15 million views in just several hours after being posted by the girl’s cousin.

Her Side Of The Story

According to Newsweek, the girl in the video recalled the harrowing experience on her own social media accounts.

I mean, it’s not everyday that somebody fights a bear and wins:

“I was in the mountains so that is actually really normal. 

This is our garden area and the dogs start barking, and I just thought they were barking at dogs, because they always bark at dogs and squirrels or whatever. I go to tell them to stop and when I go over there to see what they’re barking at, I’m like ‘that’s a funny-looking dog.’

By the time I get there, the bear is literally picking up one of my dogs.

I go over to the bear, I look it in the eyes and the first thing I think to do is push it. Push a bear, push an apex predator. To be honest, I don’t think I pushed her that hard. I just pushed her enough to make her lose her balance, so she dropped my dog and I ran out of there.

I grabbed my other dog, I sprained my finger and scraped my knee, but we’re all OK.”

Hailey emerged from the situation with just a scraped knee and a sprained finger… and one hell of a Memorial Day story.

Here’s another clip with the full audio:

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