Pregnant Doe Is Hit By A Truck, Gives Birth On Impact, & Both Fawns Miraculously Survive

Pregnant deer

Nature is sometimes a weird balancing act between the tragic and the miraculous.

Take a place like Yellowstone National Park, for instance.

Just bursting with life and natural beauty, the place is a miracle in itself. An incredible reflection of God’s creation. But then on the other hand… life in Yellowstone is brutal.

Predators ferociously hunting their next meal, harsh climates and terrain, and even idiots tourists you have to contend with. Bears, wolves, bison, mountain lions, wolverines… death is lurking around every corner. And scavengers waiting in the wings to pick the bones.

All that being said, every so often… you see the tragic and the miraculous come together in one moment.

This story comes to us from New Summerfield, Texas, where a pregnant doe was tragically hit by a truck and killed on the spot. But according to a new report from KETK, both of her fawns were birthed on impact… and survived.

As morbid as it sounds, the truck literally knocked the babies right out of her.

“There was a truck coming from New Summerfield on 110 towards Troup and the deer ran right in front of him, and he hit her.

You can actually see that I had one that went right in between my two front tires and I kind of centered over the second fawn to come out. I completely avoided the momma deer and I went right over the top of the baby.”

The police were called, as was the local game warden, and Texas Parks and Wildlife officials were able take care of the two fawns that were birthed on impact.

Animal Rehabilitator, Dawn Russell, said that they weren’t without injury, but with proper care, Comet and Cannon should grow up to be healthy deer:

“He shot out of her and slid across the pavement and landed in the ditch. That’s the one that I luckily found. The mother spun around on the road on her side and in the video you see Comet come out.

It is nothing short of a miracle that they are up. We do have a little trauma. Cannon has a little bit of head and eye trauma to that right eye. Comet does have a broken femur. We didn’t realize any of that until the day went on as they tried to stand up.”


I mean, like I said… nature is beautiful, it’s miraculous, it’s tragic… and sometimes, it’s all of the above.

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