Gabe Lee Tackles Moving On In Soulful Heartbreaker, “Over You”

Gabe Lee country music
Brooke Stevens

Yep, this new album Gabe Lee has in the works, The Hometown Kid, already has the potential to be his best work to date.

And we’re talking about the same guy who dropped one of the best albums of 2020 with Honky Tonk Hell.

Although we aren’t getting the album until October 28th, the man has released two kickass lead singles to prepare us for what’s to come.

Lee released the first single, “Rusty,” earlier this month, and it’s the ideal drivin’ around song, as Lee reflects on his life over the years, and it’s instantly become

And today?

The man has done it again with “Over You.”

“Over You” is a soulful honky-tonker about the immense struggles he’s gone through since losing his significant other, offering a painful sense of relatability, as many of us have gone through similar struggles at one point in life or another.

The song also is the perfect example of the influences that molded him into the artist he is today.

Drawing his inspiration both from growing up near the Broadway lights of Nashville, Tennessee, along with the Hymns and gospel songs his mother would sing at church, you can hear both within this song.

The song’s beat has a musky bar room feel, mixed in with his soulful, spiritual vocals and heart tugging lyrics.

Check it out:

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