Ryan Bingham Is Looking Change His Name Amid Finalizing Divorce

Ryan Bingham country music

Looks like country music and Yellowstone star Ryan Bingham is ready to put anything to do with his estranged wife behind him.

According to The Blast, Bingham is asking a judge to change his name from Ryan Axster Bingham, back to his birth name, which is George Ryan Bingham.

Back in 2009, Bingham married Anna Axster, and legally changed his name from George Ryan to Ryan Axster.

Now that he’s currently going through a divorce with Axster, he’s ready to move on from the name and go back to his birth name.

He simply said in his petition to the judge:

“I would like to go back to using my birth name.”

That’s the only explanation Bingham needs to legally change his name, and celebrities normally change their name after going through a divorce so the money goes through them, while also making it easier to sign contracts.

Of course, Bingham has been killing it on Yellowstone as the drifter cowboy and musician turned ranch hand “Walker,” and he’s also had quite the career in country music as well, so money is probably the least of his worries right now.

But speaking of “Walker,” Bingham’s character is set once again to make an appearance on Yellowstone season five coming up in November, and he’s also rumored to play a major role in the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff series at the Four Sixes Ranch.

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