Mountain Lion Has Time Of Its Life Playing With Tree Swing In Colorado

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For those of us that either know about, or had run-ins with mountain lions in the past, there’s one thing for certain about the creatures…

They are not to play around with.

Ferocious predators, these big cats use stealth, strength and speed, to take down prey in a flash, and as the saying goes, if you see one in the wild, it saw you first.

However, we typically only see the gruesome side of mountain lions, and rightfully so, they’re wild animals.

But every now and then we see examples of the creatures just kicking back and having a good time, like a regular house cat.

According to The News & Observer, Thaddeus Wells built a tree swing in the woods by a trail camera in Black Hawk, Colorado, in hopes a few bear cubs would discover it and play on it.

Except, it wasn’t bear cubs that were attracted to the swing, it was a mountain lion.

The mountain lion had been feeding on a deer nearby and was sleeping underneath the swing, when it got curious after the swing hit its paw, and began playing around with it.

Wells told the outlet:

“When I saw this reaction to the swing I laughed and fell in love with her. Who wouldn’t? You can see her mind at work. She seems surprised to find that it moved at all and then surprised to see it swings so far as to hover over her.

She really focuses her attention on it for some time. It’s edited to remove stuff like her tasting and biting the swing.”

Wells also noted that the mountain lion had a swollen jaw, more than likely because the deer it was feeding off of kicked it.

How wholesome.

Check it out:

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