Josh Meloy Is Better Than Ever On New EP, ‘Turning Point’

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Josh Meloy

Josh Meloy has done it again.

With his unique, gritty vocals and painfully relatable lyrics, it’s easy to see that the Oklahoma native has every tool imaginable to hang with the big dawgs, and he’s well on his way with his hit songs like “Met the Devil in Oklahoma,” “Washington Street,” and his latest tear in your beer single, “You Here Tonight.”

With that being said, Meloy dropped a four song EP today, titled Turning Point.

The EP perfectly displays the morals and foundation that Meloy stands and grew up on, which he has come to know through personal life experiences.

The first song on the EP, “The Road,” is your good ol’ windows down driving song, all about how the trials and tribulations you experience in life, along with crippling bad habits, can shake you to the core and put you down, but Meloy’s faith in God is what always pulls him through.

The second song, “You Here Tonight,” is the lead single that Meloy dropped back in August.

Reminiscing on the significant other you let slip away, it’s the all too familiar feeling of how all you want is them to be by your side while you’re out trying to have a good time.

The third song, “Lake Of Fire,” is a mandolin driven song that incorporates both a sweet mix of bluegrass and southern rock.

It’s about how worldly possessions and greed can bring you brief happiness throughout your life, but at the end of the day, what’s it worth in the end when you’re four feet in the ground?

Lastly, Meloy puts together an impressive rendition of the well known bluegrass gospel song by Hank Williams, “I Saw the Light.”

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