Mule Deer Bucks Fight To The Death Over A Doe In Arizona

Mule deers

A lot of people think deer hunting is a brutal hobby, and for anybody that just doesn’t like the thought of killing an animal, that perfectly fair. It’s not for everybody.

But I will say this… a clean shot through the heart is FAR less brutal than what can happen in the wild.

Exhibit A: These two mule deer in Arizona.

Recorded by MuleyBull Outfitters during a hunt in Arizona, these two rutting mule deer go toe-to-toe in a brutal fight to the death, although it’s clear from the beginning, older buck seems to be well over-matched by the younger, more powerful buck.

This fight began over a doe, except when the older buck was done fighting, the younger buck wasn’t having it.

Long story short: You mess with this buck’s woman, you don’t get to leave with your life.

We could probably do without the goofy dramatic music, but if you’re looking for a front-row seat the savagery of nature, look no further.

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