Mamma Warthog Attacks Leopard To Save Her Piglets

warthog leopard

For all you Lion King fans out there, this video is a must-see.

I often find myself playing imaginative wildlife games:

Who would win?  A hawk or an eagle? A great white shark or an orca whale?

A leopard or a… warthog?

A no-brainer right?

So you would think…

Put some offspring into the equation, and all bets are off.

In the video we see a big ol’ leopard chasing down a piglet in the grasslands. The leopard gets the piglet into its mouth and it looks like it’s game over for the poor little hog when, just in the nick of time, mamma hog arrives on the scene.

Mamma hog runs full force towards the leopard and the leopard has no choice but no drop the piglet and get the hell out of there or turn into a feline-skewer.

The video pans and the leopard appears again… and mama hog ain’t having it. She doubles down, full force, tearing towards the leopard.

The leopard weighs their options and decides they’d rather not be hog–horn–kabobbed. The piglet is then dropped for a second time and mamma hog plows after the leopard into the bush.

It didn’t look like she was stopping any time soon either.

One can only wonder how the scene ended; I’d imagine not too well for the feline.

Reminds me of the scene in The Lion King where a hyena calls Pumba a pig.


Who’s the pig?


Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to ME?!”

They call my MISTER PIG!”

Pumba then charges, sending the hyenas running.

Hakauna Matata? I don’t think so.

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