Zach Bryan Says Next Album, Featuring “Deep Satin,” Will Be Released “Around February”

Zach Bryan country music

I think we’ve been beyond spoiled, because when he said February instead of “How about Friday, does that work for you?” I got a bit sad…

Recently on Twitter, when a man named Jacob Baer asked our guy Zach Bryan when the unreleased fan favorite “Deep Satin” was coming out, he not only answered for the song, but let us in that another album is in the works…

And the song itself will be out sooner:

You would think after dropping a 34 track album, 9 song EP, and a new single, not to mention having been on a tour that stops just about everywhere since May, he’d want to take it slow as the year starts winding down and the holidays begin.

Nope, not the legend in the making Zach Bryan.

He recently played “Deep Satin” live for the first time in Franklin, TN last week, but it’s been circulating online for some time and has quickly become the unreleased song that fans en masse are craving.

Like all the other songs, it’s really, really freaking good.

Some would say he don’t miss…

I think it goes without saying, but I’m super pumped for all of this…

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