Logan Mize Goes All In With New Single “Albuquerque”

Logan Mize country music

If you’re still replaying Logan Mize’s older songs, know that you’re not alone.

But Logan just dropped another single to add to the mix, and it kind of snuck under the radar.

Titled “Albuquerque,” it is a break-up ballad guaranteed to draw your listening ear with a catchy metaphor comparing betting in roulette to betting on love.

At this point, the ole boy has made his mark for sensational break up ballads, but this one is another Logan Mize specialty. He opens his single with a slow rhythm and a casino setting:

“But I put my savings on a roulette game,
Or any old red number, I got twenty-eight,
That’s a risk you run when you go all in…”

If your wheelhouse is gambling, you know that the number 28 is no good if you’ve bet on red in roulette, so if the sad tempo doesn’t give it away, the narrator has just lost everything on a bad bet.

But unfortunately that’s not the only losing bet he takes in Albuquerque.

In the chorus, it’s revealed that he “took the gamble, laid it all there at her feet,” also implying that he went all in on love as well, and again, it didn’t turn out the way he’d hoped.

And with the combined loss of his savings and his lady, the town of Albuquerque has really taken everything from him.

Yeah, I took the gamble, laid it all there at her feet,
There goes Albuquerque, taking everything from me

And if that gripping line isn’t enough, this song has some truly captivating and heart-wrenching break up lyrics. Check these out:

“‘Cause there’s a mountain there that I’ll never climb,
It put a cavern in my heart, spreading deep and wide
Oh, what I’d give to hold her,
But all my pride and closure are piled up,
With the one thing that I can’t get over…”

This heart-string-tugger is one guaranteed to stack up with “Better off Gone” and “Gone Goes On and On.”

Give it a listen:

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