Five Truck Tractor-Trailer Crash Leaves Thousands Of Coors Beer Cans Sprinkled On Highway I-75 In Florida

Coors Light life
Florida Highway Patrol Tampa

Not the Coors…

During a massive, five-truck crash in Hernando County, Florida this morning, authorities had to close the southbound lanes of I-75 due to all the debris and damage to the trucks.

And it was a very sad sight to see, indeed, as one truck was clearly carrying a very large shipment of Coors beer that was completely destroyed and sprinkled all over I-75.

A moment of silence for all the wasted silver bullets down in Florida… you hate to see it:

According to WBTV, police say one semi slammed into the back of another early Wednesday morning, which continued like a domino effect, ultimately leading to a massive five-truck pileup.

Florida Highway Patrol Tampa added that the crash involved four tractor trailers and one pickup truck, which thankfully only resulted in minor injuries for everyone involved:

The highway has now been reopened, but here’s a different look at all the debris from earlier:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock