Cyclists Stunned When They Come Face To Face With Big Ol’ Grizzly Bear At Glacier National Park

Bear glacier national park

I’m not sure what the recommended “safe distance” is for grizzly bears, but I’m pretty sure it’s not “across the street.”

Unfortunately, for these cyclists, they didn’t have a choice.

Glacier National Park, located in Northern Montana, is just the epitome of pristine wilderness, so well-preserved there are many wildlife species thriving.

It ends up breeding countless cool videos, close encounters, and of course, the occasional stupid tourists.

These cyclists certainly weren’t stupid, as they had clearly been to a bear aware course, practicing good bear safe tactics. That’s about all you can do in a situation like this, though.

Biking along the well-known Going To The Sun Road, the cyclists pull over for what appears to be a break, or maybe they saw the bear coming in the distance. Either way, the whole group of people start yelling at a bear.


A general phrase in a loud voice usually does the trick for these nosey guys. Especially, when there’s a big group of people.

But out walks a big ol’ grizz.

These predators always send a chill down my spine. Even a small one is big and a big one is massive… they’re are absolute beasts.

The large bear walks on by as if to say “not today folks” and keeps on down the road.


The man continues to shout even when they are clear and safe, just a crazy close encounter with the top of the food chain. Granted, not all bears are hyper-aggressive and encountering one doesn’t immediately mean you’re a dead man.

These kind of harmless interactions are quite common… but that being said, I ain’t trying to get that close to a grizz.

Remember to always be on guard out there, especially in national parks like Glacier.

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