Prius Sends Deer Flying Through The Air In Wild Highway Crash Video

deer prius

“Did you hear about the Prius that hit a deer? The car was totaled but the deer walked away without a scratch.”

I swear my buddies and I told that joke hundreds of times in high school, but it looks like I have to eat some crow…

A dashcam video from a few years back caught this exact situation on camera and turns out that deer do not in fact walk away unhurt from a collision with a Prius.

Dave Nealy captured the action while driving down I-64 near Corydon, Indiana and without seeing it, it would be hard to believe.

This poor deer comes running across the highway, gets clipped by the Prius and is sent soaring through the air, at least 20 feet up, flipping end over end.

Sadly, there’s pretty much zero chance the deer did any walking away from this, and I’m sure the Prius took its fair share of damage as well.

The driver appeared to be unhurt, just quite shaken up from the whole ordeal.

The semi with the dashcam recalled the entire scene:

“While driving along I-64 in my semi, I was passed by this little Prius. Then all of a sudden, a deer runs across the road and is nailed by the Prius. Don’t worry, the driver appeared ok as I passed.

But I’m sure their shorts needed changed. I had to crop the video a bit to zoom in on the action because the wide angle lens makes things appear further away than they are.”

Keep your head on a swivel out there, folks…

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