Man On Conference Call Screams Bloody Murder When Squirrel Gets Into His Office

Bat man

First, HAHAHA…

Second, I have lots of questions about this video…

Why was there a bat sitting there? How did the squirrel get inside? Was he on mute? Was his video on?

Why was this being recorded in the first place?

You have to watch this before we go any further…

Honestly, what the hell is going on?

You have to feel bad for this guy now that his entire company knows he screams like a group of teenage girls spooked at a backyard campout by one of their dads, but since there was a bat just sitting there waiting to go, you have to think this isn’t the first time a creature got loose in his office.

But why are there creatures breaking into his office? Does he not have screens in the windows? Is there a hole in the wall?


You’re a GROWN MAN. I’m not saying you can’t let a little scream out, but come on dude, you cannot be carrying on like that, it’s embarrassing.

And finally…

Why is there a camera in the corner of the room? Was this a set up? A ploy? Revenge by his teenage daughter for scaring her and her friends while having a backyard campout?

Who knows the answer to all of that, but I do know one thing… this is absolutely HILARIOUS.

She’s making you look bad, bro.

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