Koe Wetzel Shares Behind The Scenes Look At The Writing Of “YellaBush Road,” His Hometown Song

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Jody Domingue

“It’s cool to see it get written, when everyone else hears it you’re like ‘I was there when that shit got wrote'”

Whoever said that (sounds like Dre), I couldn’t agree more… and I wasn’t even there…

Fresh off the release of his 5th album Hell PasoKoe Wetzel is letting the fans in on the writing of one of the early new fan-favorites, “YellaBush Road”.

Koe spoke about this song and what it means to him on his website:

“YellaBush Road” is my community… it used to be a lot bigger. They had a school, a church, and everything out there. Now, there’s not even a road sign for it.

This is my hometown song though. You get on the road, you get away from everything you know, and you start to miss it. So, the tune puts me back there.”

His official music page then posted a video of him actually figuring out and writing down some of the lines on the tour bus, while presumably out on the road and missing home.


Love getting to see how these songs come together. The creative process is so unique to each person and the fact that Koe is able to just crank out a tune while people are around is very impressive, even more so when you think about how personal this song is.

Crank this one up today.

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