Dylan Wheeler Absolutely Crushes A Cover Of Deana Carter’s 90’s Classic “Strawberry Wine”

Dylan Wheeler country music

Lawd have mercy…

Dylan Wheeler can SING.

Not that it was ever in question, but hearing him cover Deana Carter’s 90’s classic “Strawberry Wine” is something else.

As part of the Floating Leaf Acoustic Sessions, he stripped it back to the basics with just a simple acoustic guitar backing him, singing the song from a man’s perspective with a few lyrics change, of course, and totally nailing it in the process.

Written by Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison, “Strawberry Wine” was Deana’s debut single, and included on her debut studio album Did I Shave My Legs for This?

The song eventually became her first hit song, as well, after it peaked at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs that same year. Of course, it’s become her signature tune and a country classic over the years, too.

It’s pretty much my favorite 90’s country song ever, and I think it resonates with so many people still to this day because of the universal sentiments of growing up and the pain that comes along with that.

We all know it’s been covered countless times by tons of artists throughout the years too, and of course nothing will ever top the original… but this performance with just Dylan and an acoustic guitar belting it out with that gravely, gritty voice ain’t half bad, either:

“Strawberry Wine”

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