A Full On Brawl Broke Out In The Stands While Auburn Was Getting Blown Out By Penn State

Auburn brawl

I think it’s safe to say Auburn fans are getting fed up with Bryan Harsin as their head coach.

First off, the team lost their last five games last year after a 6-2 start, and this year, they’re off to a tough 2-1 start after getting absolutely obliterated by Penn State at home, 41-12.

Not to mention, the majority of Auburn fans didn’t want Harsin in the first place, and many wanted him fired after his first season last year, along with the rumors that he was having an affair with a girl he brought with him to Auburn from Boise State to work at the school.

It’s been a big shitstorm down on the plains, and as seriously as Auburn takes their football, they’re about to blow a gasket.

Maybe that’s the reason behind why this full on guys and girls brawl happened in the stands during the blowout on Saturday…

Viral footage from the Auburn-Penn State game shows what appears to be a number of college guys and girls getting into a fist fight, and things got pretty ugly.

A dude was fighting another dude, while a girl started wailing on one of the guys, and next thing you know two of the guys started to roll around on the concrete steps, resulting in one of them getting body slammed.

I’m guessing a little too much day drinking and god awful football got the best of these people, along with wearing jeans in the Auburn heat in mid-September, where it’s still hotter than hell.

Who knows… but mommy and daddy probably aren’t gonna be too proud to see their sons and daughters faces across the internet.

Oh well.

It’s still funnier than shit…

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A beer bottle on a dock