Tim McGraw Loses His Balance & Gracefully Falls Off Stage At Arizona Country Music Festival

Tim Mcgraw country music

Jeans too tight, Tim?

Okay, okay, maybe ol’ Tim McGraw is just getting up there in age and doesn’t have that same balance and stamina like he did back in ’95, but I like to go with the too tight jeans story.

The 55-year-old country music star was playing the Boots in the Park music festival in Tempe, Arizona, Saturday night, and seemed to be showing love to his band near the end of his set when he took the tumble.

Everything seemed to be going smooth for the guy, until he decided to walk to the very end of the stage and hype up the crowd, turn around, and get on one knee while looking in the direction of his electric guitar player who was busy shredding an outro.

However, he leaned back a little too far, and next thing you know he starts falling backwards like he’s losing his balance on roller skates.

The whole thing looks like it’s happening in slow motion and it’s almost like he’s processing in the split second if he should fight to stay up and keep looking like a fool, or just embrace it and fall straight into the crowd.

Well, he chose the latter, and gracefully fell right into the crowd (unlike Post Malone who hurt himself pretty good this past weekend).

I’ll give him this, though, he played it off pretty well and nearly landed on his on feet.

He took the moment and turned it into a moment to spend some time with fans, throwing out high fives, handshakes and hugs as he made his way back to towards the stage.

Check it out:

@whodis88 Helluva concert good ol @timmcgraw put on last nt. Glad he was ok and was up meeting the crowd. #timmcgraw #dadsoftiktok #navajonation #navajotiktok #bootsinthepark #tempeaz #arizona #countrymusic #foryou #xyz123 ♬ I Like It, I Love It – Tim McGraw

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