Rutting Bull Elk Charges Cars On Busy Canadian Highway

Bull elk

There’s one thing for certain you should know about bull elk when they’re in the rut…

Do NOT get near them, because they can be some ornery SOBs, and they’ll do anything to establish their dominance, and if they feel like their chances with their mate are threatened.

However, in some parts of the country, it’s simply impossible to avoid bull elk during this period of time, and this is a perfect example.

Video footage has gone viral of a massive bull elk roaming a busy highway during the rut, and needless to say, it’s pretty spooked and threatened by all of the traffic.

You can see the bull strutting up and down the highway with several cows in the background, and every time a car drives by, the bull attempts to charge at it.

Eventually, several cars are forced to turn their hazard lights on and stop in the middle of the road so they avoid the chances of their car getting absolutely wrecked by the bull’s massive antlers, and at the same time, also looking on in awe.

Some onlookers even get out of the car and film the wild instance, which I HIGHLY do not recommend.

At the end of the footage, you can see the bull belt out a massive bugle as a mating call.

Check it out:

Wild Video Captures Elk Hitting Moving Car Running From Wolf

Never a dull moment in Yellowstone National Park.

Or Yellowstone the show, but that’s another story…

Spanning across Wyoming, Montana and into Idaho, Yellowstone National Park is home to some of the most incredible wildlife you’ll find anywhere in the United States. We’re talking bears, wolves, elk, deer, bison, pronghorn, as well as a ton of fish, birds, and reptiles.

Established in 1872, it’s the first national park in the United States and widely accepted as the first national park in the world. Some will argue however that Bogd Khan Uul National Park in Mongolia is the oldest.

Oldest or not, if it’s not on your bucket list, you need to put it on there ASAP. No matter when you’re there, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see something incredible.

Whether it’s a bison stampede, a bear chasing an elk, a pack of wolves hunting… the place is just crawling with breathtaking wildlife experiences.

And sometimes, you don’t even have to be looking for it.

Matt Fluke of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was looking for a place to picnic with his family when the car behind him got smoked by an elk. Boom, right into the side of their SUV.

Of course there is nothing special about hitting an elk with your car, just about anybody that’s every heard a country song has a deer a time or two. But this elk wasn’t just crossing the road, it was running for its life.

Yep, right after it slammed into the car and knocked itself out, a black wolf emerged from the trees, just seconds behind it.

“I didn’t look at my dashcam video until I got back to where we were staying at. Originally I thought it happened behind that car. We pulled over for a second and saw the elk on the road and the wolf with it.”

Naturally, they pulled over to watch nature take its course.

Wanna catch an elk? Just chase it into a moving car… chase is over.

“There was a turn out real close and lots of other cars stopping around there. You could see it from where we were at and the car that was behind me pulled over and then pulled out and went down the road… it was wild.”

Wild indeed.


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