Zach Bryan Saves The Day, Replaces Tickets For North Carolina College Student Who Got Scammed Out Of $600

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Jackie Lee Young

You gotta love a good heartfelt moment on social media… Lord knows they’re few and far between.

Earlier this week a friend took to TikTok to advocate for pal, Ansley, a young North Carolina college student who had saved up extra funds to see Zach Bryan perform in Raleigh this weekend.

Many of us know the plight of being a broke college student, not to mention the added pressure to catch Zach Bryan on tour this summer.

Add to that getting scammed on your ticket purchase, almost $600 dollars according to her friend, and you have quite the dilemma.

@samantharay37 @Zach Bryan ♬ Sun to Me – Zach Bryan

Tagging Zach to the TikTok, Samantha hoped to get a ticket for her friend to see the show. Many others also tagged the country music singer in the hopes of drawing his attention to the issue, and much to the surprise of those watching to see the end result, Zach saw the post and stepped up to create a quick solution:

“What’s her full name?! She’ll have a ticket with a plus one at will call!”

This guy is just too talented and classy… we need more like ’em.

The comments on the post included several other ZB fans who have had similar issues with ticket scams involving the American Heartbreak Tour.

And this event comes on the heels of other country stars, such as Luke Combs, advocating against ticket gouging. Luke even gave cash back to two boys who stacked firewood to save up for his show.

All and all, we seem to be seeing a larger movement in the country music world to make concerts more accessible to all fans, especially those that might need a bit of extra support to get there.

And at the same time, a surge to draw attention to the inflation costs and scams surrounding ticket sales for live events.

All that being said, go see this man in concert… it’s a religious experience.

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