Runaway Bull Busts Though Fence And Launches Poor Soul Into The Air At Pendleton Round-Up

Rodeo bull

Pendleton Round-Up Week is in full swing where rodeo fans have gathered in Pendleton, Oregon, to see some of the sport’s finest competitors.

This year’s 112th Round-Up features bull riding, saddled and bareback bronc riding, mutton bustin’, fine shopping, and more.

And it wouldn’t be rodeoing without some wild shit happening.

This year on the grass, a bucking bull had some ideas of its own after throwing its rider.

The bull busts through the fence and charges at the rodeo clowns, riders, photographers, and other personnel waiting behind the fence.

As the bull charges around, most of the folks are able to scatter out of the way, however one poor soul gets caught in the line of fire and the bull locks eyes (and horns) on him. After a quick slip, the man makes a run for the stands, but tragically slips and falls… the bull wastes no time launching the man in the air.

Once on the ground, the bull comes back for more, and it gets ugly.

Finally, the wranglers lasso the bull and pull him away from those who were harmed, although, the man manages to get up and walk a way… seemingly with only minor injuries.

Rodeoing is not for the weak, and this video highlights the sport’s dangers that are often overlooked… even when you’re standing outside the fence.

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