Reba McEntire’s 1995 Frito’s Ad Proves ’90s TV Commercials Are In A League Of Their Own

Reba country music

Technology and visual effects have come a long damn way in 20 years, but somehow the quality of commercial content is still in retrograde.

And I’ve got the Reba-inspired Frito commercial to prove it.

The commercial, released five years after her famous cover of “Fancy,” features Reba on a late-night snack run. Unfortunately for her, the irritable store owner has already closed the cash register for the night, preventing her from completing a transaction for her Texas Grill Fritos.

A member of her group steps in to remind the man that Reba is a country music superstar, to which the man responds “yeah right!” Reba even lets down her hair in an attempt to prove her identity, but the old storeowner isn’t budging.

The next scene features Reba giving a live performance of “Fancy,” complete with choreography and a firework display right smack in front of the store and its owner. I mean, come on, what more proof do you need that this woman is REBA?

The man kindly hands over the snack to Reba free of charge sharing that she seems like a “nice girl,” before giving his final retort… “but you’re no Reba.”

This one is definitely a Super Bowl worthy, and also, a great marketing job by Fritos to prove how far people will go for their favorite snack.

I seriously cannot stop laughing at Reba’s face at the end.

The ’90s just hit different, man…

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