Watch Blackberry Smoke Cover The Hell Out Of Charlie Daniels Band’s “Long Haired Country Boy”

Blackberry Smoke country music
Joe Lopez

Who doesn’t love a Charlie Daniels Band’s cover?

Famously known for “The Devil Went Down To Georiga,” The Charlie Daniels Band has produced quality country rock music for decades. One of my all-time favorites from them is “Long Haired Country Boy.”

The single was released in 1974 on their album Fire On The Mountain and while it was never a huge country radio hit, it was a massive hit among fans. The single charted on the US Billboard Hot 100 after its release, and the band re-released it six years later and it charted even better, landing at number 27 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list.

The song is the perfect tune for letting people do their own thing. During the time of the song’s release, musicians had a notorious reputation for partying and heavy drug use.

Daniels wrote this song as a motto to mind your own business and that not everyone falls into a stereotype.

And aside from the original, we would have amazing covers to listen to years later.

Of course, Cody Johnson covered it on his Ain’t Nothin’ To It, record,  but Blackberry Smoke has made it a frequent part of their live show over the years, and they covered the hell out of the song recently at a show in Charleston, South Carolina.

As a phenomenal country rock band today, it makes perfect sense for Blackberry Smoke to cover this country rock classic.

After some light-hearted football humor amount the team members, they get into the tune. The crowd is singing the lyrics with the band word for word. The atmosphere seems immaculate.

I think this cover might be a new favorite of mine.

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