Matthew McConaughey’s Upcoming Soccer Movie ‘Dallas Sting’ Has Been Scrapped

Matthew McConaughey in a suit

With only six weeks left until filming, Matthew McConaughey’s latest movie project Dallas Sting has been stripped from production.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film was a biographical movie about Bill Kinder, a famous women’s soccer coach in the ’80s.

McConaughey was set to star as Kinder in the film.

However, the decision was made by Skydance Media to not go on with filming after producers reportedly received:

“Disturbing allegations surrounding aspects of the true story on which the drama was based.”

The allegations were based around Kinder, who is now 83-years-old. Kinder was accused in a letter from an unknown source for calling players “inappropriate nicknames” and touching a player “outside their clothes.”

However, Kinder denied the allegations, saying the letter was “pretty cryptic,” while adding there was nothing that happened.

The project was supposed to be set in 1984 with McConaughey as Kinder, documenting his journey coaching the Dallas women’s soccer team to world championships, defying all odds while they were at it, beating teams from Australia, Japan, China, and Italy.

Kaitlyn Dever, who starred in Booksmart, was set to play Kinder’s daughter.

Ryan Torrero, a 32-year-old Chilean born professional soccer player was cast in the movie to play Rose Reilley, a star Italian-Scottish player and arch enemy to the Dallas team.

Torrero told Daily Mail:

“I’m devastated about the movie and this wonderful opportunity not moving forward as I know many people have worked extremely hard on it. 

But the most important thing here is that any concerns about misconduct or abuse are investigated and if guilt is found then justice be served. I hope the truth comes to light.”

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