Man Nets A Squid While Fishing, Immediately Gets Inked All Over His Face

squid ink

A risk of the trade.

There’s lots of fish and water bearing creatures that have defense adaptations we all need to be mindful of, whether its sharp teeth, a spine running done their back or sharp gills. There’s lots of different ones out there and generally if you know anything about the fish your catching, you probably have a few tricks to help keep yourself safe while removing your hook.

A squid’s defense is unique though, they shoot ink out to escape any threat. The ink causes the predator to have trouble to see and gives the squid the chance to make a break for it.

This fisherman figured out the squid’s defense mechanism pretty fast while out for a day on the water. As someone reeled in a squid, the man reaches down and gets the thing into their net.

As he lifts it out of the water it fires its shot and nails it as the crowd silently giggles. The camera flips around and shows his face coated in the squid’s ink.

Talk about a hard go. This lad would be the center of every joke on that day if I were on his boat.

That’s the stuff that makes fishing fun.


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A beer bottle on a dock